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Kenna/Fischerspooner @ Anaheim House of Blues 09/20/2003

    I saw the Kenna/Fischerspooner show at the Anaheim(Disneyland) House of Blues last Saturday, and I was wholeheartedly impressed, even expecting to see an awesome show. As a die-hard home-listening fan, Kenna's deviation from the album slightly perturbed me. However, that's where the disappointments ended.

    After a long wait, the in-house music stopped, and the crowd cheered. The curtains opened to two keyboardists and a drummer enshrouded in fog. A man in Chucks, tight jeans, and a hoodie walked on stage looking very much like he was just an interested passerby. The waw synth started, and the croud cheered again as the hooded man approached the microphone and opened with "Sunday After You." The thing that instantly stuck me about the show was the fact that Kenna actually had a real-live drummer laying the beats, however complicated, and doing them very well.

    After the words to "Sunday After You" were finished, the music flowed through as it does on the album straight into "Vexed and Glorious," upon which Kenna began dancing about on stage in a strange combination of faux-Egyptian walking and the robot. He was clearly having a good time.

    After "Vexed," Kenna gave an impromtu speech welcoming Anaheim to his show. He explained he was Kenna and wanted to know how we all were doing. Satisfied that all was fine, he removed his hood, and told us how his next song was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards. He explained he didn't mind losing, and had us give it up for Coldplay. The audience laughed a nervous laugh, and Kenna and company started into "Freetime," Kenna dancing crazily all the way. He went all the way through "Man Fading" and "Red Man," then took a little rest while the house played "A Better Control." Kenna got up again and roused up support for Fischerspooner, explaining how much of a good time he had, then started "Love Hate Sensation." In the middle of the song, he clambered up onto an amp stack, as if threatening to jump out into the crowd.

    It was all over too soon. I was sorely disappointed by the fact that he was only allowed six songs, but alas, he was technically only an opening act. After his set, I got the set list off the audio tech guys, intending to scan it and post it here, but while I was standing and talking with sleepintrashcan, Kenna walked straight past me. I accosted him and tried to have him sign the setlist, but neither of us had a pen. But being the nice guy he is, he led me to the bar where he borrowed a pen and signed my setlist. I made a new friend.

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