michelle (everythingofme) wrote in nervous_people,

9-22-03 Kenna in Tempe

I saw Kenna for the third time last night, this time opening for Fischerspooner. I'll start by saying that the crowd totally sucked. If they were the example of F/S fans, I'm glad I'm not one. Anyhow, the show was delayed, and when Kenna came out, he said he hadn't been feeling well and wasn't sure how much he'd be able to play. Despite that, he put on a pretty good show. The set list was pretty much the same as the previous post, though he said he was "going to mix things up a little" and he played Man Faded after Freetime. When he announced that the next song would be their last, some prick in the crowd yelled, "Thank God!" really loud. Kenna responded to this by singling the guy out, and asking him to come up front with him. At first the guy wouldn't budge, but Kenna started making fun of him, and told the crowd that the guy was chicken, and that we should all cluck at him. It was hilarious. The guy finally came up front, and Kenna had him come up on stage, where he proceeded to make sure the guy was comfortable, got him a bottled water,said he wanted to make sure that the guy had a good time, and then serenaded him with 'Love-Hate Sensation'. Classic. The point to those lyrics couldn't have been any more clear than that! All in all, a good time was had by myself and my 8yr old son, who wanted Kenna to be his first concert experience.
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