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Hi everybody-- this community needs some action, so I'll contribute.

I've been a Kenna fan since early 2000, I believe. Can't really remember, but it's been a long ass time. Anyhow, I saw him on August 25 last year when he toured with Dave Gahan. I couldn't have asked for a better touring partner, by the way. I'm a huge Depeche Mode fan, and yeah. Awesome. So anyways, I met Kenna after his set, and he gave me lots of things. Hug, kiss, autograph, smiles, yes, good stuff.

Still waiting for more news, I hope to see him live again. If I don't.. well.. that will suck. Forgot what I was going to say :-P

Anyways, personal info! W00t! My name is Monica, I turn 16 on September 2, I live in Southern California, and I have unhealthy obsessions with male singers. Dave Gahan, Billy Corgan, Jack White, and Kenna, to name a few.

And that's enough. So........... hi.
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Were you at the Wiltern Show? If so, I was there and met him as well. Maybe it was at the same time you did?
Ya I met him at the August 25 Wiltern show

It was orgasmic